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elang, jobo, mle, remember this? <3



elang, jobo, mle, remember this? <3


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Challenge: Day 3

i think my “days” are not the 365 days in a year- day but my tumblr days

DAY 3: What is your most played song and why?

my iTunes is messed up and it put ridiculously high number of times i played the songs that i do not even know

but the actual most played song is TTL - T-ara & Supernova

i like the melody, i like the lyrics, i like the voices, and i like the memories it brings back :)

If you like my blog, can you promote me? ;)
I'll promote you too!

i havent been on tumblr so i have no idea how to promote someone :(


Challenge: Day 2

honestly this is like day 83427289 since I last did this but…

DAY 2: Put your iTunes on shuffle. Make a sentence out of the first 3 songs to play.

It’s a Small World full of Memories so I  Won’t Go Home Without You

………ehhh idk

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